Pinning for Business

PinterestBuzzIs your business on Pinterest yet? No?! Well hop to it, because you’re missing out! As of September of this year, a comScore study has Pinterest included in the top 50 most visited websites in the US, with over 25 million unique visitors each month. That’s a lot of eyeballs you could be getting in front of.

Despite Pinterest’s near epic growth ( thinks Facebook should be afraid!), it is one of the platforms that we get the most resistance to when talking to clients. Most people think that you need to be an artist or retailer in order to use Pinterest successfully, but there’s so much more to it than that! Ask yourself these questions: Do you have a logo? Do you have an office with people working in it? Does your business exist within a community? Do you have a portfolio of your work? Are you ever inspired by things you find online? Do you laugh at dog’s being publicly shamed? If you can answer yes to these, then you should be on Pinterest!

But what should I post?

This question seems to be the biggest block people have when it comes to Pinterest. I can tell you right now — if it’s stopping you from hopping on there and getting started, then you’re thinking too hard! Pinterest is not meant to be that hard. Let’s assume you’re not in a business that makes stuff, creates designs, or sells products (because if you are, those are your first three Pinterest boards right there!). Those of us without those kinds of tangible visuals have to be a little more creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hometown pride. Create a board dedicated to the city or town where your business is located. We’re lucky enough to be based out of Portsmouth, NH which is a beautiful city with some stunning views. Find what’s unique about your city and capture it through instagram, or search for local news stories with great images that you can share.
  • It’s the people who make the place. If you have a company, chances are you have some people. Even if it’s just a few, people are what people respond to best! Social media is all about letting people get to know who you are as a business by letting them get to know your people. (As a side note, the word ‘people’ just started looking funny to me. People, peeple, pepole.) So share some pictures of people at work, a company party, a team-building event, etc.
  • Share what inspires you. Is it pictures of regal mountains or beautiful sunsets? Is it memorable quotes from historic figures? Whatever it is that inspires you is worth sharing! Create an inspiration board and pin whatever makes you contemplate life, the universe, and everything.
  • Clown around. Little known fact: people like to laugh. It’s true! Many things are universally humorous (like dog-shaming!), so if you find yourself laughing at the latest meme online, chances are your followers will laugh at it too. So go ahead and share it with them! Create a board dedicated to those zany and ridiculous things that get your giggle going.
  • BLOG!! If you’re not blogging, you should be. Blogging is the best way to let your clients know just what it is you know and what you can help them to know. Social media is all about sharing knowledge and helping people out. A blog is a great way to do that, and it is an invaluable content-creation source! Once you’ve put something on your blog, it is yours to share as you will. And since you always include an image in your blog posts (if you don’t, you really should), it will give you great material to pin to your Pinterest boards!

See? Easy! No need to over-think things or reinvent the wheel. Just head over and create your account, set up a few boards, and start pinning away! If you feel like you still need a little help getting started, let us know. We’d be happy to help you set up your boards, and give you a personal Pinterest 101 lesson!



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